Website Maintenance are a 'small and friendly' website update business based in Norwich, UK. We have clients throughout the UK and also in Europe (Germany and Italy) and have been updating and looking after websites for over ten years. We provide web maintenance, CMS maintenance, webmaster services as well as SEO services, CMS (Content Management System) SEO and website design services.

Website maintenance pricing

Fixed fee pricing - For medium and large updates to a site we can give a fixed price quotation to cover the entire work.

Hourly rate pricing - For smaller adhoc updates and amendments we can work by the hour at a rate of £40 per hour. August 2014 - call us for discounts!

Ongoing maintenance pricing contract - Where there are regular updates to content, or continuous finetuning of source code for search engine optimisation purposes then we can agree a monthly payment option based on a set number of hours per month. This price will work out cheaper than the hourly rate pricing, and any unused time each month is put into beneficial search engine optimisation work.

Please note that all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT at 20%.

Contact us by phone 020 7193 2301 or email at Website Maintenance for a full quotation.

Website maintenance

Website maintenance involves making minor amendments to an existing website either to keep content up-to-date, or to rearrange content across existing pages, or to finetune the source code in order to keep a website optimal for search engine and browser enhancements. Search engine related maintenance tasks will obviously also come under the heading of search engine optimisation (SEO). We can maintain most sites, we specialise in sites written in HTML and PHP, but can also maintain Macromedia Flash based sites. We offer a range of packages and payment options to meet your needs (see our pricing above for current prices).

Contact us for full details. Phone 020 7193 2301.


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